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Across the world, many communities face structural challenges, including long-term unemployment, lack of access to proper healthcare, and low literacy rates.

To support these communities in need, World Heritage Exhibitions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cityneon, donated generously to the United Way of Lee County, an international charity that advocates for education, financial stability, and good healthcare to improve the lives of entire communities around the world.

Our donations contribute to the United Way Gifts-in-Kind program, which takes donated items and distributes them to the underprivileged. These donations include thousands of toys, school supplies, and apparel worth over USD1.8M from one of our IP experiences, that will go to important communities, such as local schools and foster families, to serve as a building block for many to lead better lives. We hope these donations can make a positive impact and help the needy weather difficult times.

Cityneon is a firm believer of returning back to the community and through the spirit of giving, we hope to participate in meaningful programmes that bring hope and new possibilities to our beneficiaries around the world.