A veteran of large-scale projects in Asia and beyond, Mark is the driving force behind Cityneon’s corporate strategy and finance component.

He leverages over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality, Entertainment and Investment Management industry. With a keen nose for unlocking value, Mark was handed the reins of his family’s business before being headhunted by KPMG and taking on tenures such as Managing Partner at KPMG, Global Head of Leisure and Hospitality (KPMG Global) and KPMG Netherlands.

At Cityneon, Mark implements business strategies by overseeing execution of business models, cash flow management and fund raising which involves loan syndication of up to US$100 million, and equity raising. He is also the proponent for greater efficiency via restructuring to consolidate resources. In addition, Mark is entrusted with relationship managing for movie studios and is in charge of mergers and acquisitions of new IPs.

With one eye on the bigger picture, Mark sees beyond the numbers and is known as a team and culture builder that is constantly improving operational excellence.