Mr. Ko Chun Shun Johnson was appointed as the Executive Director of Cityneon Holdings Limited in December 2018. He is an entrepreneur and an active investor. Mr. Ko has invested in various listed and private companies across different industries including logistics, media, financial services, renewable energy, biotech, technology, etc. Mr. Ko is currently the deputy Chairman and an executive director of Frontier Services Group Limited (HKEX: 0500), and an executive director of Branding China Group Limited (HKEX:0863). He had previously served as the Chairman, and was previously the major shareholder of BOE Varitronix Limited (HKEX: 0710), Concord New Energy Group Limited (HKEX: 0182) and Yunfeng Financial Group Limited (HKEX:0376). Mr. Ko has extensive experience in direct investment, merger and acquisition, corporate advisory and capital markets.