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Across the world, many communities face structural challenges, including long-term unemployment, lack of access to proper healthcare, and low literacy rates.

To support these communities in need, World Heritage Exhibitions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cityneon, donated generously to the United Way of Lee County, an international charity that advocates for education, financial stability, and good healthcare to improve the lives of entire communities around the world.

Our donations contribute to the United Way Gifts-in-Kind program, which takes donated items and distributes them to the underprivileged. These donations include thousands of toys, school supplies, and apparel worth over USD1.8M from one of our IP experiences, that will go to important communities, such as local schools and foster families, to serve as a building block for many to lead better lives. We hope these donations can make a positive impact and help the needy weather difficult times.

Cityneon is a firm believer of returning back to the community and through the spirit of giving, we hope to participate in meaningful programmes that bring hope and new possibilities to our beneficiaries around the world.

Cityneon Scholarship Recepient Loh Jian An Lionell

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Photo Credit: Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Cityneon has always been a strong believer in the importance of educating the younger generation to develop a greater breadth of skills to evaluate and apply knowledge in ways that meet the new demands of our changing social and economic landscape.

As an extension of our belief, the Cityneon Holdings – SUTD Scholarship is established to encourage academic and learning excellence by attracting outstanding talent to pursue their undergraduate education at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Cityneon is proud to be an enabler for deserving students to pursue a holistic STEM education with SUTD, especially through the unexpected hardships of 2020.

Cityneon is humbled to have the opportunity to support deserving students in their pursue for academic advancement and research excellence, as well as to nurture young engineering talent to harness technology in order to create a better world for all.

Read more about our SUTD Scholarship here:
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SUTD Stewardship Report 2020

Cityneon Supports The Art Faculty

Cityneon is proud to support The Art Faculty, a social enterprise by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) in their noble cause for enabling artists with special needs by providing them with support and financial independence through the commissioning of their art pieces on exclusive merchandises.

As a company that also nurtures our own creative team to design memorable experiences for our visitors all around the world, we are avid supporters of The Art Faculty’s dedication towards a comprehensive arts education that enables artists to express themselves through their work.

Cityneon had procured a total of 100 exquisite vases from The Art Faculty, all of which were personally designed by Ng Li Jie, a talented artist with autism. He draws inspiration from the study of nature to create 4 design motifs – the Adipocytes, the Bivalvia, the Calliostoma, and the Jasminum – imprinting his abstract interpretation of each unique living organism on the vases. We are proud and honored to be able to present these vases to our valued business partners around the world, not just as a token of appreciation, but also as an opportunity for us to recognize the value and talent of the many artists at The Art Faculty.

While the arts scene in Singapore is constantly evolving, Cityneon is also conscientiously looking at ways to give back to society in meaningful ways that resonate with our values. We strongly believe in the limitless potential of artists and the power of creation, and we will continue to support the local arts scene in more ways than one.

Animax Designs

Animax Scholarship

Founded in 1994 by the Themed Entertainment Association, the global membership association for the creators of compelling experiences and places, the annual Thea Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the international visitor attractions industry and recognize theme parks and attractions, museums and exhibits, world expo pavilions, destination attractions, breakthrough technology, connected immersion, event spectaculars, cultural attractions and brand experiences, as well as deserving individuals. Due to COVID-19, the 26th annual Gala had to be canceled and the award recipients documented in this program are celebrated online in a series of Thea Case Studies produced by TEA.

The impact of COVID-19 on the themed entertainment industry has been wide and deep, affecting students striving to be a part of the industry, as well as long-time industry professionals. Animax Designs is proud to award scholarships to 56 passionate people to help them stay connected with the themed entertainment industry and participate in the TEA Thea Awards Digital Case Studies during these difficult times. Under this scholarship, awardees are granted digital access to a series of case studies and networking opportunities with the Thea award recipients in over 7 digital sessions from August to November 2020.

“When I started 30 years ago, I had nothing but a dream for doing great work, working with great people and making a difference in themed entertainment. Animax has come a long way since those humble beginnings and we are so grateful to be able to help and encourage others to never give up on your dreams, no matter what comes your way.” – said Chuck Fawcett, President & CEO of Animax Designs, Inc.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients. We hope this scholarship opens up more dreams and opportunities for the next generation members of the themed entertainment industry.

Patron of the Arts Awards 2020

Patron of the Arts 2020, Cityneon Holding

It has undoubtedly been a year filled with turmoil as the global pandemic gripped the world. Countries, corporations, and individuals alike have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 situation. During these times, the arts sector is probably one of the most heavily hit industries with events canceled, funding curtailed, and artists struggling to survive.

Generous giving has seen Singapore’s arts scene grow in vibrancy over the years, and such philanthropy was recognised at the annual Patron of the Arts Awards ceremony 2020. Almost as a testament to Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr. Edwin Tong’s statement in an interview with The Straits Times citing that “the arts community will need to transform and adapt quickly”, the 37th edition of the Patron of the Arts Awards ceremony evolved amidst the challenging situation and was streamed online on 5 August 2020 over the official Facebook and YouTube channel of the National Arts Council.

Instituted in 1983, The Patron of the Arts Award represents the highest national accolade given to organisations and individuals who contribute to the development of the arts in Singapore. Although contributions dropped by 12.7% to $50.1M in the year 2019, it is still encouraging to see a total of 103 organisations and 275 individuals recognised for their contributions to our arts and cultural scene.

Cityneon is honored to be among the 17 companies receiving the Patron of the Arts Award this year, for our contribution as a patron sponsor to Pangdemonium!, a home-grown Singapore theatre company which has also been affected by the Covid-19 situation, like many other arts groups. Nevertheless, we look forward to Pangdemonium’s sharing of more stories next year and beyond and we hope everyone will join us as we await Pangdemonium’s return to the theatre very soon.

Cityneon’s echoes the sentiment of the National Arts Council that the recognition of a positive impact of the arts and working together with the Arts Community and its supporters, form the cornerstone of a sustainable arts ecosystem, something that we hope to not only keep, but grow in Singapore.

Animax Designs Face Shield Production - Mold

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In 2020, the global community was fighting against the SARS CoV-2 virus pandemic (COVID-19). It resulted in major disruptions of daily lives of people, businesses and economies in a concerted worldwide effort to stem the spread of the virus. Schools and workplaces were forced to close and all modes of international and domestic travel were halted. Hospitals and healthcare facilities in various countries faced the spectre of a crisis due to the rapidly dwindling supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and shortage of hospital bed space amidst the exponential increase in infected patients.

Amid the ominous circumstances, Cityneon and its subsidiaries, Animax Designs and CNeX, played their part in contributing to national and statewide efforts to alleviate the burgeoning demand for the required health equipment.

Animax Designs repurposed their production lines, producing face shields using 3-D printers and molds, while the company’s costume design department hand-stitched face masks. Animax went the extra mile to cater to a younger audience. It stitched smaller face masks for children, and donated its face masks in collaboration with New Zealand’s Pukeko Pictures, a television show for children. The children in the show wore masks stitched by the team at Animax and spread the message of the importance of personal hygiene to children through the television show.

CNeX worked as a part of a collection of companies, with the Singapore government to repurpose the Singapore Expo Convention Centre and Exhibition Halls into isolation and quarantine zones.

Click here to watch the Tennessee state news’ interview with Animax Designs on their efforts to fight the pandemic:
Animax Designs‘ Interview with Tennessee state news

Pangdemonium! Logo

Pangdemonium Poster

Cityneon Group is proud to announce our patron sponsorship of Singapore’s very own theatre company, Pangdemonium! The proudly Singaporean company celebrates its 10th-anniversary by releasing a slate of provocative productions this year. Pangdemonium’s mission is to tell stories on the stage which are challenging, inspiring, relevant, accessible, and above all, of the highest artistic, entertainment and production values, in a league with the very best of theatre internationally.

For more information about Pangdemonium!, please visit pangdemonium.com.

Art Market @ North East

Photo of DPM Heng Swee Keat, Mayor Desmond Choo,Cityneon Group CEO Ron Tan with a centrepiece created by Artist Mr Gary Ang

DPM Heng Swee Keat and Mayor Desmond Choo unveiled a centerpiece created by Artist Mr Gary Ang. Mr Ang’s work pieces together the various artworks created by the participating Social Service Agency (SSA) beneficiaries and artists, signifying the integration of communities within the North East District.

Art Market @ North East, SSA beneficiaries helped showcase artistic talents and abilities at Our Tampines Hub’s Festive Walk East. The Art Market, organised by the North East Community Development Council (NECDC).

The event aims to create a platform for SSAs and their beneficiaries to showcase their work, display their skills and raise awareness of their causes. The SSAs include Ain Society, Bizlink Centre Singapore, Care Corner Singapore, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS), Club HEAL, Friends of the Disabled Society, Metta Welfare Association, Singapore Anglican Community Services, Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH), The Singapore Cheshire Home and the TOUCH Centre for Independent Living.

Cityneon’s Corporate Social Responsibility event was held at Tampines Hub’s Festive Walk East supporting the Art Market @ North East.

At the event, DPM Heng Swee Keat and Northeast CDC Mayor Desmond Choo presented the centerpiece created by Artist Mr Gary Ang to our Executive Chairman & Group CEO Ron Tan.

Cityneon is glad to support this Arts event and the various charities and return to the very society what we have benefited so much from.

Cityneon Scholarships

Guest-of-Honour, Mr Ron Tan, Executive Chairman & Group CEO of Cityneon Holdings addressing the students from Republic Polytechnic at the 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Cityneon’s unwavering belief in investing in the education, acquisition and retention of talents is the leading factor that has spurred our growth as a Company to who we are today. We believe strongly in the importance of educating the younger generation to develop a greater breadth of skills to evaluate and apply knowledge in ways that meet the new demands of our changing social and economic landscape.

Cityneon is privileged to be an enabler for aspiring artists and professions through our Bond-Free Scholarships. We have partnered with Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Republic Polytechnic (RP) to offer various programs for its deserving students to pursue their dreams.

Over the years, Cityneon has continuously supported and awarded Republic Polytechnic students in the School of Hospitality who have done well in their studies to further their interests in the field of their study. In 2018, Cityneon’s Executive Chairman & Group CEO, Ron Tan, was invited as Guest-of-Honour for the graduation ceremony where he spurred on the 2018 graduating cohort in an inspiring speech.

Our support to RP year after year continues and in 2020, we are happy to present the Gold Medal Award to Andre Tan Teng Yan. Due to the Covid-19 situation, RP was not able to hold the Graduation Ceremony for the 2020 graduating class. Nevertheless, Cityneon is happy to have contributed towards the success of Andre and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

Read more about our RP Scholarship here:
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Read more about our SP Awardee here:
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Make Nashville Image

Make Nashville Photo

Due to rapid growth in the past three years, Animax Designs prepares for facility expansions to keep up with industry demand for their highly-sophisticated animatronics and expertise in puppetry. These changes provide the opportunity to make a wonderfully synergistic contribution to the local community and encourage further development of Nashville’s ‘Maker Culture’.

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