Be the global leader in providing large-scale, iconic experiences that transform the way our customers engage with their end-users.


We deliver compelling experiences that leave visitors with lasting memories by leveraging on our comprehensive services, expertise and resources – from our design and creative process to strategic partnerships and financial standing.

Value Statement

At Cityneon, we know that organizations, companies and brands seek to engage their customers and keep them coming back for more. We believe that unique, immersive and large-scale experiences are pivotal in achieving this objective. We want to create these experiences for them so that they continue to enjoy increased revenue and brand value, all around the world, all year round.

The Foundation
of Cityneon

Cityneon’s mission of creating world-class immersive experiences around the world is supported by our core values. Our capabilities empower us to conceptualize, create and actualize dreams into reality. We are privileged to forge meaningful relationships with billion-dollar studio brands and government organizations by leveraging on our decades of expertise in events and exhibitions.